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December 27, 2010
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                                                                 ..::Chapter one::..

                                                              ..::Ask and Answer::..

Starfire stared up at the screen, smiling.
"Oh!" She breathed. Raven was reading next to her and caught her little gasp.
"What's wrong, Starfire?" She asked, in a monotone.
"Oh. Friend Raven! I have just completed viewing this movie!" She began, showing the movie case. Raven took the case and nearly puked at what she saw. The case was bright pink with a picture of two girls hugging and the title was in a bright purple which said, Best Friend Slumber Party.
"Gross. Pink." She whispred.
"Oh Raven! It was truely wonderful. I never knew earth girls did this occasion of the party of slumber! Have you ever been to one of these?" Starfire beamed.
"Uh. When I was child, I think. I'm not all that into...AGH!" She stopped when Starfire grabbed her arms and turned her around to face her.
"Raven! Oh! What was it like!?" Starfire almost squealed
"Uh. Well. You watch movies, listen to music, tell secrets, eat junk food and stuff like that..." She mumbled.
Starfire sighed and sat back with a sort of sad glint in her emerald eyes, "It sounds most fun..." she whispered. Raven glanced at her and shrugged, floating out to read her book in peace, leaving Starfire completely alone.

She floated down the hallway, towards her room thinking about her idea but then she also thought about how Robin might just shatter her idea. Suddenly, she smacked into something or should I say, Someone.

She sat on the ground and looked ahead and smiled softly seeing her best friend.
"Oh. Forgive me Robin. I was not as beastboy says, 'with it'. Apoligies." She said, still smiling small.
"Oh. That's okay Star. I wasn't watching where I was going. Heh." He replied. He stood up and smiled down at Starfire and offered his hand. She looked up at him and smiled more and took his hand. She stood and kept her hand in his for a few seconds but after, they both blushed and looked away.
"Uh...I...gotta do some reports...Bye Star." He said quickly as a light blush was creeping it's way to his face. Starfire sighed and tried regaining some confidence. As he took a step away, Starfire gently took his left hand in both of hers, causing him to turn to face her, the blush definite.

"Robin. Please. I wish to ask a request?" She introcduced to her plea.
"Uh.. Sure Star. Wh..what is it?" He stuttered, trying to control himself from quickly kissing her hand or her cheek or her li..BAD ROBIN! He thought.
"Please, friend. I viewed this movie which was wonderful! It was about a party of slumber and I wondered If I could invite some of the fellow Titan girls for one of these 'sleep-overs?'" She begged, eyes shining with desperation. Robin bit his lip in consideration.
"I don't know Star..." He exhaled, tilting his head.
"Oh, please oh please, Robin. I will be very quiet and I doubt the city will need us. It has been very quiet lately. Pleaseeeeeeeee Robinn!!" She practically whined. She took a step forward, still holding his hand brough that hand to her chest and her eyes glimmered with plea. She stared at him while he was considering this.

Robin felt a little light headed. He somewhat believed she had a power to win people over with her beauty and amazing emeralds for eyes. He sighed and smiled.
"Okay. Okay. You win..." He sighed. Starfire's face lit up and she broke out into a wide smile. She dropped his hand suddenly making him feel a little saddened but he was happy at what followed.
"Oh! I thank you Robin! You are truely My best friend!! I love...Uh. I mean...I am so happy!!" She beamed, half loosing it at the end. Before Robin could question it, Starfire collected him into a hug.

Robin braced himself for the bone crushing hug but was met with a warm, affectionate hug. She was so soft and her scent was a mix of strawberries and cherries and other sweet types of fruit. He took this chance to hold her. He wrapped his arms around her small waist and pulled her seemingly closer. He also took this chance to take a whiff of her scarlet locks. Her hair smelled like oranges and lemons. After a second, she pulled away. The sudden loss of warmth shook Robin from is thoughts. He tugged at his cape collar.
"But..." He interveined. Starfire made an 'Ughhhhh' sound but she soon smiled and listened to his conditions.
"Who do you intend on inviting and when is it?" He asked, folding his arms.
"Only other titans. Um...To be truthful. I did not believe you would permit the party of slumber but I, yes?" She comprimized.
"Uh. Sure." Robin agreed. She smiled and clapped her hands. But her face switched to concentration.
"Your gonna ask me another question, aren't you?" He said, smiling at her. Damn he knew her so well.
"yes." She replied
"Robin. Why would I wish to shoot...nevermind. I was going to suggest you, beastboy and Cyborg do the hanging out with the boy titans?? Doesn't that sound fun!?" She said, bouncing on the spot.
"Uhh..." Robin considered this.
"Robin. I believe this would also strengthen our relationship!"
"Our...relationship?" He asked, his cheeks burning.
"What do you..."
"With the other titans, yes? We would become more how you say, trusted and loyal."
She quickly said this so he could not refuse. She again took his hand in both of hers and gazed at him, hopeful.
"Uh...Sure. Star." He said, quickly feeling the burning heat in his cheeks rise.
"Wonderous! Oh Robin! It shall be like a ginormous sleepover! Oh how fun!" She beamed, dropping his hand and clapping. She brought him up into another hug and he resumed his hand placements around her waist. Oh how he loved her hugs. Well, her in general...

She placed her head on his shoulder and wondered for a mintute, smiling, "Robin. May I ask you something else, please?" She wondered. He smiled slightly at the tingling sensation that ran up his spine as he felt her breath wash over his neck.
"Uhh...What is" he stumbled, nervously.
"Well. Everytime I held your hand, your cheeks turned pink. Why is this?" She asked, grinning. He pulled away from her hug and frantically tugged at his collar of his cape. She grinned more seeing his cheeks inflame rapidly.
"Well...I...uh..that's...uhm...Look Star. Get everyone invited. I gotta go. Bye." He gasped, quickly turning on his heel and kind of running to the ops room. Starfire smirked and began to giggle. She finished and sighed.
*He is very adorable when he is nervous...Oh! What am I thinking!?* Starfire thought and blushed a deep red. But she clapped and made her way to her room planning her 'party of slumber' which would arrive in two days time....
Well x part one. I actually found myself blushing slightly when I wrote this - Lool x x

Next up: Chapter two x
The Inviting

DISCLAIM: I do not own the teen titans. If I did, I would of made sure Robin and Starfire was a couple in the first episode!! :D :D
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