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The atmosphere around the large, brick building was still for the moment. A soft breeze carried stray red and brown leaves along for a journey as the warm glow from the sun, illuminated the whole world. The season had finally shifted into summer and it was definitely realised as there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. The baby blue was vibrant without a single cloud ruining its’ glory. All was silent and peaceful within Gotham for the moment...

The red school bell chimed as loud as possible and the two main doors leading into the school sprung into life as they were forced open by many, many exhilarated teens who were yelling and cheering at the release from another day cooped up within an institution of learning. Yes, this day marked the last day of the semester meaning they were free for 3 months to enjoy the summer rays which the sun was beginning to offer. Within the midst of different ages and social cliques, were a group which would frequently be referred to as ‘Populars’. There was a glimmer of truth to that label however; they were not the typically mean and unapproachable people that would come to mind when hearing the label given to them. Although, those type of ‘Populars’ definitely existed within the school but this particular group tried to avoid them as best they could.

A rather large, intimidating male was within the group. His name was Victor Stone or ‘Vic’ to his friends as he always had to admit that ‘Victor’ sounded way too formal to him. His stature gave a completely different idea to the personality of this athlete though. He may have looked tough and ignorant yet he was probably the nicest person another person could ever meet; always trying his best to be polite, kind and friendly to everyone who crossed his path. He was African American and was a genius when it came to computer tech along with athletics. He was taller than most and had dark teal coloured eyes which gleamed in contrast to every other physical trait he owned. Vic was a very happy-go-lucky type of person who never took any type of joke too far but perhaps it was due to his girlfriend of nearly a year, Karen Beecher or as Vic liked to nickname her, Bee on account of her fear of bumblebees, who made sure he was always kept in line. Karen was a very bold and direct type of person. She had dark skin which matched well with her locks of black, slightly frazzled hair. Her eyes were dark too but they captured anyone’s attention as they gave the impression that there was a lot to be learned just by staring into them for a split second. Both of them were stretching and grinning as they soaked in their first sincere rays of warmth. Vic chuckled at a young red head that stood beside him.

Wally West. He always wore a somewhat cocky grin so some people deemed it to be but it seemed more like a goofy, jokey grin to others; others being who knew him better. He was adorned with a full head of hair that was a twist between orange and red which unwillingly shone in every type of light; Hair like this was matched with a pair of bright, piercing green eyes which drew in and hypnotised people to no end. Wally was rarely seen without the cheeky smirk plastered across his face nor was he ever silenced of the child-like chuckle he performed at the best of times. All of these different traits and qualities were usually dealt with by West’s long term girlfriend of 3 years, Jenny Ashbrook. She was definitely a...unique sight when first laying eyes upon her. Her hair was permanently dyed a bright, sickening pink that created a light cerise hue within her grey eyes when the light reflected from her hair to her eyes. Jenny wasn’t much of an enthusiastic character unless it suited her. Usually she would be exasperated due to having to put up with Wally’s childish ways; consequences of being with him for so long so she summed up.

Lastly, there was the high school heart-throb. Richard Grayson or ‘Dick’ to his friends was the adopted son of the famous billionaire, Bruce Wayne. He was charming and cocky or so most assumed. However nice or not nice his personality might have been like, he followed closely in the rich bachelor’s footsteps. Grayson managed to always have girls on his arm and falling head over heels for him. As wrong as it might have seemed, he normally used them for one thing and never gave them a second thought meaning he never held much of a relationship with any girl. He felt that they were all the same and only wanted him for the fame of having close ties to Bruce Wayne. He especially hated girls who thought they were a couple after sleeping together like his latest latch on; Kitten Moth. She was irritating and self centred although, could anything less be expected from the head cheerleader? True, Dick had slept with her on more than one occasion but only because she had no self dignity and welcomed such a thing. She had the idea that she and Richard were actually dating even though nothing had ever been mentioned like that before. She treated Dick as if he had been her boyfriend for years whether it was making sure they were seen together at every possible chance or fixing his shirt and hair to be more ‘presentable’ in her opinion. Wally and Vic liked to refer to the whole thing as Dick’s ‘imaginary relationship’ considering Richard had never had romantic feelings or intentions towards Kitten. The more she tried to push him into having ‘feelings’ for her too, the more repulsed he felt and this always resulted in him pushing her away and wanting her to leave him alone. At this particular moment however, Kitten was not around and Richard felt fully capable of being able to laugh and breathe without the blonde bimbo trying to fix something that wasn’t broken. Dick put his hands up towards Wally who was tossing a football between himself and Vic...

The steps leading into the main building of the school were beginning to become deserted and teen-free. The steps were soon completely empty for the exception of one girl. She had long, straight auburn hair with short bangs which were positioned just over her eyes slightly. Her skin was an exotic tan colour which contrasted considerably with her bright, shining, emerald eyes which glimmered in every ray of light but added to her beautiful appearance nonetheless. She was physically attractive in practically every way which linked well with her personality as she was a kind, sweet, endearing young girl who gave a smile to...almost everyone she set sights on. Kory Anders was an average girl that attended Gotham High School although; she wasn’t like every other girl in her grade. She wasn’t completely obsessed with Richard Grayson. Matter of fact, she didn’t like him very much at all...or so she said. She had never had any problems with the boy it was just what she had heard and learned about him. She didn’t like the fact that he seemed very self centred and she certainly didn’t like the way he used girls with no sense of regret yet...she couldn’t deny that he was quite attractive but she knew she would never let herself fall for a guy like him. It would be her worst mistake ever.

Wally stretched and grinned up towards the golden sunlight, “Mm! The sun’s feelin’ so good right now!” He appreciated, exhaling noisily. Jenny wandered up beside him and rested her weight onto the red head’s shoulder. Jenny sighed in contentment, “I think it feels better because we’re out of school,” She giggled, snuggling into Wally, “for three whole months! Gosh, I love summer.”
Wally sniggered, “I thought you would have been more of a winter lover.”
Jenny raised an eyebrow at her boyfriend, “Oh? And why exactly would you think that? Hm, Wally?”
Wally chuckled nervously. He knew that expression; it meant he was in trouble if he didn’t save himself from what he had said moments ago, “Uh...I meant...winter is beautiful just like you, duh.” He grinned,
Jenny held the expression for a minute longer before punching his upper arm and chuckling, “Nice save, idiot.” She muttered, leaning against him once more. Victor ruffled Wally’s hair before sitting on the bonnet of his car, “I love the weather when it’s like this. I wish it could be this great all the time.” He sighed,
“What the- A couple weeks ago, ya’ll were both complaining about the heat!” Karen exclaimed, pointing to Wally and Victor,
“Yeah but now it’s different.” Wally argued. Karen crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow as if silently asking why.
“Bee! We’re outta school, that’s why it’s different!” Victor added cheerfully. She sighed and laughed. Their chatter continued but Richard wasn’t listening to any of it. He was busy. He was watching a girl who was waiting for something or someone by the main steps of the school. All of his current concentration and focus were intertwined within his gaze of the girl across the field from him. He wasn’t exactly sure why but he had a small smile across his lips as he continued to stare at her. He watched her carefully as a slight breeze made her long, auburn hair fall around her shoulders and he found it almost...cute as she blew her fallen bangs away from her eyes. Although he realised it would probably be the creepiest thing to know that he was watching her, he couldn’t and didn’t exactly want to tear his eyes away. He suddenly felt his heart beat a little faster and his stomach turn slightly; it was a feeling that he hadn’t felt in, what he considered, a long time. The way she positioned herself as she stood and stared off into space as she waited captivated him way more than the conversation his friends were having. All he knew about her was her name but he wanted to know a lot more than that...
He noticed as another breeze blew, she dropped a couple of the books she was holding. He raised his eyebrows as he got to his feet, he wanted to rush over and help her pick up the books. That could be my chance to introduce myself. He thought. He wanted to try and at least become friends with Kory however; fate was feeling malicious today...

“DICKIE-POO! Aren’t you glad to be outta school now, baby!?” Kittens’ irritating shriek like voice rang through his ears. She was now in front of him, completely blocking his view of the red headed beauty in his sights a moment before. He tried to look past the blonde bimbo in front of him, “Uh, yeah. So glad.” He mumbled, absent-mindedly.
“Come on! Let’s get outta here. I’m bored of still being on school grounds.” She complained. She switched her view to Karen and Jenny, “Girls! Hi!”

Jenny and Karen mentally cringed but both forced a friendly smile upon their lips. They conversed in conversation immediately with Kitten, unwillingly. Dick grinned as she was out of the way. His grin disappeared almost instantly and a sigh was released from within his lungs. Kory wasn’t alone anymore and the books had been retrieved. Standing at her sides stood Rachel Roth and Garfield Logan. Dick only knew a little bit about Garfield on account of only talking to him a couple times in the while they had been in high school.
He was generally a cheery person and he talked a whole lot. Most of the time he would crack jokes which only a couple would result in the receiver laughing but most of the time, people groaned at his lame puns. The kid was short and had blonde spiked hair with green tips and his skin was pale. As for Rachel, Dick had known her since they were both 13 years old and she was like the sister he never had. She was quite dark in her style and was a very blunt and direct person. Rachel had short purple, almost black hair that matched up well with her dark amethyst orbs that offered a sinister yet enticing aura. She was definitely hard to crack if there was something bothering her but when it came to being the comforter; she had that down to a tee. She was a very patient girl which could explain why she was able to deal with being such close friends with Garfield.
Richard continued to stare. His breath slightly caught when he noticed Kory flip her hair over her shoulder and laugh at something Garfield had said. In doing her actions, she caught a glimpse of Richard and stared back at him with a blank expression. She blinked and turned away quickly. He frowned.

Maybe after the summer... He thought to himself but he sighed aloud, catching the attention of Wally and Victor. Victor patted his shoulder, “Yo’ Dick?” He asked,
“Huh? Wha?” He blabbered as he shook his head and glanced at them both. Wally raised an eyebrow and followed where he had been staring, “Who ya staring at, bro?” He quizzed, casually.
“Uh, nobody,” Dick lied. Vic followed where he had been looking too.
“Kory Anders?” Vic questioned, sounding surprised. Dick shrugged and acted as if he was nonchalant about their curiosity. Wally snorted causing Dick to raise an eyebrow at him, “Sorry dude...It’s just, she’d never go for you.” He commented,
“Why’s that? Every other girl does.” Dick huffed, irritation evident in his voice over the idea of all the other girls in his grade.
“That’s the thing. Kory is not like every other girl in our school. She’s quite...independent? I guess that’s what you could call it and she totally respects herself unlike a lot of girls you’ve-“ Wally was interrupted by Dick,
“I get the picture, Wally.” He grunted.
Victor straightened up, “So...she’s reserved?” He assumed,
“No, not reserved but she just... isn’t a tramp and definitely doesn’t let guys use her for one thing.”
“Huh. Sounds like a smart girl. She’s real nice too. Had a couple classes with her before, she’s real friendly.”
“Mhm, she is. I’ve known Kory since we were 14, y’know. Haven’t I ever told you that?” Wally announced,
Dick shook his head, “Nope, you’ve definitely never told me that, though I’ve never really noticed her till now...”
“Yeah man she also lives like a couple doors away from me. I can’t believe I’ve never even mentioned this to you!” Wally chuckled,
Dick kept a straight face, “Mm...Me neither.” He deadpanned. Dick cast another quick glance over at Kory, “She...she seems interesting...” Dick said, almost dreamily. Wally covered his mouth as a quiet chuckle escaped his mouth, “Aw is Grayson falling for a girl he hasn’t even met yet?” He mocked, batting his eyes at Dick for extra emphasis.

Dick turned back to him, “Shut up.” He laughed. Vic laughed too before stepping forward, “Come on, ya’ll. If we’re watching the game at ma house, we should get goin’” He informed them both. Dick chanced another view at the gorgeous redhead. Again, she caught his glance and held it. Before anything else occurred, she rolled her eyes and had an expression written over her features which Dick could only describe as disgust and she turned away. He watched as she proceeded to walk away from the school grounds with Rachel and Garfield at her sides. Dick frowned and tilted his head ever so slightly.
Hm. She definitely looks like she hates me. He inwardly sighed. I don’t care...She seems so different from others. She’s not just got the quality of being hot...She really is beautiful too. I need to get to know her better if I ever wanna stand a chance with her at being...well anything.

“Yo! Dick! Hurry up!” Vic shouted as he got into his car. Dick snapped out of his own thoughts and jogged over to his own parked car. As he approached the door, he noticed Kitten in the passenger seat and he groaned and cursed. Ugh, why can’t she just leave me alone already? He thought to himself before opening the car door.

                                           *   *   *

The next morning washed over the earth as the day took the same climatic approach as the previous day. The blinding sunlight was warm and inviting and created an instantly cheery atmosphere upon the world.

Rachel was resting on Kory’s bed with her eyes closed and her expression relaxed until Garfield asked a question directly to Kory which Rachel couldn’t help but quirk a smirk at.
“Hey Kor? How comes you hate Richard Grayson?” Garfield questioned, innocently. That definitely surprised Kory and threw her off. “Huh?...Um...Why would you ask that, Garfield? It was most random...” She replied,
“I don’t know. I was just thinking about yesterday, when you gave him like the most hateful stare you could conjure.” He chuckled,
“Oh...Well...” Kory sighed, “I do not hate him per say although, I dislike him for how he treats females with absolutely no regard and I do not like the fact that he seems quite so sure of himself.”

Although that is what Kory always said when people had asked her the same question in the past, Rachel couldn’t help but think her best friend was lying ever so slightly.

Honestly, Rachel thought it would be nice to see her oldest friend with her best friend; it made her almost happy to think of that situation.

Rachel sat up, “Oh no. Now you’ve definitely got her going...” Rachel sighed with the smallest of smiles attached with her comment. Kory and Garfield laughed at Rachel’s comment.

“Seriously though, Kory. He really isn’t that bad once you get to know him and he’s not like the way he’s made out to be.” Rachel tried to convince her,
“Oh, so he does not use girls and act the ‘smug’?” Kory smirked and raised an eyebrow.
Rachel smiled and rolled her eyes, “Okay...So yeah, he does use girls from time to time but he doesn’t act that smug. It’s just his way of trying to joke around,” She replied. Kory shrugged and shook her head whilst sighing almost mentally telling Rachel, ‘whatever’.
“Well whatever. Forget about Richard. Think about the carnival tonight instead,” Rachel prompted, nudging her in the arm.
Kory giggled, “Oh! It seems like the most perfect way to begin the summer, yes?”
“Carnivals creep me out,” Garfield shuddered,
“I know I’m gonna regret asking or just not care for the answer but...Why?” Rachel deadpanned,
Garfield ignored the lack of concern in her answer, “Dude! Don’t you read the news!? Carnivals are dangerous places! I’m always scared someone’s gonna kidnap me.” He admitted,
“Yes Garfield, because carnival kidnappings are always in the news. Besides, it wouldn’t matter if someone kidnapped you; you’d tell so many bad jokes, they’d be begging us to take you back,” Rachel concluded with a smirk. Kory stifled a giggle. Garfield looked blank for a moment as if really attempting to process her comment. After a moment, ”Hey!” Garfield whined. The girls both cracked up in laughter. Kory wiped a tear from her eye.
“Come friends, we should begin to prepare ourselves for tonight.” Kory breathed, smiling brightly.

“Wally. You’re my best friend and you know why I hate places like carnivals or circus’. Why are you being so persistent with this?” Dick asked, clearly agitated. Wally waved his complaint away.
“You’ll be fine and you’ll love it! Come on! Think about it...You could probably pick up a chick!” Wally suggested, throwing up his hands in emphasis.
“All the girls around here are all the same. They only care about the ‘fame’” Dick groaned, using his index and middle fingers to create air quotation marks to drag more meaning from the word. Suddenly, Victor walked in, carrying two cans of soda for his pals. He had a smirk plastered onto his lips, “Ya know, I remember Garfield telling me about the carnival. Guess who he’s going with?” Vic grinned,
“Who...Who’s he going with?” Dick asked as he remained consciously hesitant.
“Rachel and Kory of course.” Vic answered, wiggling his eyebrows. Dick couldn’t prevent the generally joyful smile spreading across his lips at the thought of seeing Kory at the Carnival.

If she’s really gonna be there, maybe I can finally talk to her...Dick thought to himself, hopeful. Wally chuckled, “Dude you’re like a weird loved up teen on those TV shows and you haven’t even spoken to Kory once in your life!”
Dick mumbled something incoherent under his breath. Wally let out another laugh as he slapped his hands together, “Boom! Deal is done! No backing out now, Grayson. Although, I’m sure you won’t depending what your incentive is...” Dick cut him off abruptly,
“Wait. Won’t Kitten be at the Carnival?” Dick explained, earning a loud and irritated groan from both Vic and Wally.
“Why can’t she just take the hint already and piss off?” Vic moaned, rubbing his hands over his face. Dick sighed and sat back in the chair he was perched on, shaking his head in shared bewilderment.

Kitten Moth wasn’t exactly Dick’s girlfriend but more of a side line thing. They were more like friends with benefits except Dick didn’t see her as a friend, really. Actually...Dick didn’t see her as anything of importance. She irritated him constantly and he really regretted sleeping with her the first time around. She was someone who was always willing to tip his sting of loneliness. She was also the only girl he had been with who hadn’t taken the hint and gone...

“It’ll be fine! We’ll ditch her if she’s there! Sides, she’ll probably be too busy with her gang of skanks.” Wally said, an ounce of disgust touching his words, causing Victor and Dick to choke on their drinks due to laughing so hard.
Dick cleared his throat, still chuckling slightly, “Alright, alright...I guess I’ll go for a while...”
Vic and Wally high fived and grinned like the Cheshire cat...

                                               *  *  *

The night was slightly chilly but it was nothing compared to the mild warmth which was still present from the day. Intense coloured lights shone brightly from rides and stalls. The sky above the site was completely lit up from the flood lights at the gates of the carnival. Wonderful smells drifted through the air ranging from hotdogs to candyfloss and popcorn to cakes of all kinds. There were differently aged people too; there were little kids at stalls begging their parents to let them stay longer or begging parents to play once more to win a big stuffed animal as a prize. Sounds that could be heard from a mile away were the piercing screams from people on rides who were filled with exhilaration and fear, the sounds of people laughing and having an amazing time and the sounds of rides and different stalls. Dick, Victor, Wally, Jenny and Karen all swiftly walked into the carnival entrance as soon as their tickets were in hand.

Suddenly, an angry blonde headed girl dressed in all different disgustingly girly shades of pink marched up to Dick with a furious expression plastered onto her features. Kitten grabbed Dick by his shirt and pushed him against the nearest wall, “RICHARD GRAYSON!” She boomed, bearing her teeth.
“What.” Dick replied, honestly not bothered about her fury at all.
“Why haven’t you been calling me back!?”
“Uh...Because clearly, I don’t wanna hear your voice?”
“Hmph! You know what, Dick!?”
“I’m tired of being some sort of play thing for you to use whenever you feel like! I am NOT going to be some kind of booty call for you anymore! We’re so done! OVER!” Kitten rambled angrily before crossing her arms, turning and running away. Dick stared after her for a minute before processing the events that had just passed.

Victor and Wally peeked over at him with hopeful expressions on their faces. Dick threw up his hands in relief and grinned at his friends, “I’m free from my imaginary relationship!” He chuckled, receiving a high five from Wally. They all wandered further into the carnival, exploring what it had to offer. Suddenly, Jenny let out a happy little squeal, “Ooh! Can we go on the bumper cars? They’re so fun!” She asked, taking Wally’s hand and beaming at him.

Wally chuckled, “Yeah, sure babe, come on!” He agreed, pulling her along to the line for the ride. Karen, Victor and Dick followed closely behind. As soon as they joined the line for the bumper cars, they dived into conversation about all different things. Dick decided to scan the bumper cars’ current users and his eyes fall upon Kory who was laughing and getting hit at all angles from other cars around her. He watched her as she giggled and couldn’t help the smirk that found its way onto his lips. He was quickly brought out of his trance as Victor slapped his shoulder, “So...Ya’ll actually gonna try for this girl? Cos’ I suggest you don’t try to mess her around. She doesn’t seem like a girl who takes shit from a guy.” Vic urged, leaning against the railings beside Dick. Dick tilted his head slightly, still watching her and smirking, “You know...I kinda do...She seems so different from the usual girls I notice in our grade and I like what I’ve heard about her...” Dick replied, briefly turning his head to glance at Vic.
“Then, all I’ll say is good luck, Dick.” Vic approved, catching the attention of Wally,
“Why are we wishing him luck? What’s he doing?” Wally queried,
“I believe young Grayson is actually gonna try and get a girlfriend!” Vic gasped, sarcastically,
“For real!? Like will we actually see you in a relationship?” Wally chuckled, raising an eyebrow for emphasis of his own question. Dick shot Wally a sarcastic glare with rolled eyes but laughed slightly, “Maybe...If I ever get the chance to speak to Kory...”
“Aw man, you’re really gonna go for Kory? I give you all the luck in the world.” Wally shrugged,
“Thanks?” Dick answered, not completely trusting his own response. He returned his gaze towards Kory who was just about done with the bumper cars...

Oh! This is most fun...Hm? Why...Why is Richard Grayson staring at me in such a way...? Oh...Do not look back at him, do not look back at him. He is an idiot. Remember that, Kory!  
Kory battled with her own thoughts in her head between looking and not looking back at the boy she seemingly ‘hated’. She shook her head and stood up; taking a hand of one of the boys she had met since coming into the carnival. Rachel slowly glided from her bumper car over to Kory and linked her arm with the redhead’s arm, “Dick is staring at you, Kory...” Rachel commented, quietly.
“Thank you Rachel, I can see that...” Kory deadpanned, a tone of voice she rarely used. Rachel gave a titter but shrugged.
“Should...Should I look at him in return?” Kory pondered aloud,
“Give it a try and see what happens?” Rachel responded. Kory nodded to Rachel and turned her head in the direction that Dick was in. He flashed her a somewhat cocky grin and Kory was instantly not impressed. She frowned, huffed out a breath and turned away from him while carrying on walking with Rachel.

Dick’s grin suddenly dropped from his features and he sighed, “Ugh, maybe this is gonna be a lot harder than I thought...”
“Told ya! Not. Like. Others.” Wally concluded, wagging a finger at Dick for more emphasis.
“Mm...But you know what? I kinda like that...It gives me a reason to want to try.” Dick pointed out.
“Uh, Dick? I’d try to move fast if I were you. Look!” Vic warned, nudging his thumb in the direction Kory was in. Dick turned around and gritted his teeth ever so slightly.

There was a boy seemingly sweet talking Kory and not just any boy; Roy Harper.
It wasn’t that Dick disliked Roy per say; He just wasn’t the kids’ biggest fan in the world, especially now.

Dick observed Roy carefully in consideration of Kory. Roy hesitantly took one of Kory’s hands and swung it gently as if portraying a sense of innocence behind him. Dick knew that he himself could be a real jerk to girls and play them all the time but Roy was  just as bad, if not worse.

Seriously? Roy? She accepts the time of day from that sleazebag and not me? Well, that definitely needs to change. Dick shook his head to clear his own voice speaking in his mind and focused on what Roy was saying to Kory.
“Hey Kory,” Roy said, smoothly.
“Oh, hi Roy,” She replied, with a hint of what Dick thought was minor irritation,
“You uh...wanna go on the Ferris wheel with me?” He asked, grinning nervously.
“What’s wrong, Roy? Too scared to go alone? Aww.” Wally snickered, earning chuckles and chortles from the group, including Dick. He instantly regretted laughing as he noticed the glare Kory was sending him. She glanced back to Roy and linked her arm with his and with a smile she said, “I would love to, Roy.”

With that, the two of them darted off towards the Ferris wheel.  Dick felt guilty and angry with himself for apparently causing her to hate him further. He continued to peer at Roy and Kory as they drifted further away. To Dick’s amazement, Kory turned back and stared at him in a strange way, as if she was completing a mental assessment of him. Dick shook his head and dived beneath the railing for the line of the ride.
“And the playboy puts his plan to action,” Karen teased, “damn boy, you move fast.”
Dick snorted and shook his head at Karen before sprinting off in the same direction as Roy and Kory. Vic shuffled closer to Karen before proclaiming, “Not this time,”
“What d’you mean?” Karen inquired,
“I think he might actually be beginning to like her,”
“He has no idea what she’s like though,”
“Bee, ain’t you ever heard of that whole ‘love at first sight’ stuff?”
“Heard it, yeah but her expression at seeing him, did not look like love at first sight, Sparky. Sides, I didn’t even think Dick could do crushes.”
“Maybe he wants to try to be less of a little man whore? He likes the fact that Kory is respectful to herself and isn’t easy.”
“He’s in for more than he thinks,”
“What d’you mean?”
“I’ve spoken to Kory a couple times and when I’ve asked her what her opinion of Dick was, her answer wasn’t exactly positive...”
“Bee, It’s Dick...He isn’t gonna give up that easily. Maybe he’s startin’ to change...”
“Maybe...I mean, I’ve never seen him look at a girl like the way he was starin’ at her; y’know, all googly eyes and what not.”
“Mm...It’d be nice to see him with her. He needs a girl that can put him in his place,”
“She is definitely the girl for that job.” Karen laughed, leaning against Victor as the line for the bumper cars began to move again.

The gigantic Ferris wheel rocked to a stop and riders departed from the attraction, grinning and giggling. Roy turned to Kory, “Wanna go again?” He asked, cheerfully,
“If you wish to,” Kory tried to muster enthusiasm but it wasn’t really there, not that Roy noticed. Suddenly, Dick slowly wandered out of the shadows and leaned against a bar of the Ferris wheel as he viewed the pair in front of him.

Oh no...Why is Richard Grayson here? He is being most strange of late...It makes me feel...odd. Kory blinked and the thoughts were gone. Dick turned his glance to Roy, “Roy. Can I take this turn?” He asked, his question sounding more like a statement.
“Dick, I’m kinda busy here.” Roy attempted to brush him off. Dick rolled his eyes and stood up straight.
“Dude, can you just be helpful and...” He began, motioning a jerk of his thumb, telling him to leave. Roy visibly tensed and turned to the girl between them both, “Kory. Wait for me after?” He hoped,
“Uh...Alright...” Kory stammered, not really wanting to be alone with Richard...Or was she jus nervous about being alone with him?

Dick nodded his head in thanks to Roy who left the platform almost immediately. Dick stepped and practically fell into Roy’s seat with a content sigh. He gave a small yet friendly smile to Kory who simply stared at him with mostly, a sense of confusion but a few other emotions were brewing within her. The Ferris wheel kicked into life and the huge machine began to go around once again. Kory continued to stare at the smiling boy beside her, “Um...Am I able to help you with something or-“ She said, slowly, hesitant on whether she should push him out of the seat or not.
“Hi there...I’m Richard Grayson,” He smirked, eyes locking with hers.
“Kory Anders.” Kory replied, bluntly, her facial expression never changing.
Dick looked hurt slightly as his smirk faltered, “I thought the guys said you were all friendly like?” He assumed,
“I am friendly; to those who I like.” She responded, crossing her arms.
“You don’t like me?”
“No, I do not.”
“How can you hate me? You don’t even know me.”
“I did not say I hated you.”
“...You just said you didn’t like me?”
“Yes. Dislike. It is not the same as hatred.”
Kory rolled her eyes at his attempt to be funny, “Why are you even here, Mister Grayson?” She quizzed, visibly irritated,
“Well, I came to the carnival with my friends. You know them, so I’m told. They’re Wally West, Victor Stone-”
“No. I meant, why are you here, sitting beside me?”
“Oh. Maybe I wanna make friends?”
“I repeat, I do not like you. Satisfied? Good-bye.”
“Oh come on, how can you dislike someone you’ve never talked to once or even tried to get to know in the past?”
“It is unbelievably easy to dislike someone when they create a reputation for themselves.”
“Alright, so actual reason on the disliking?”
“Alright...You are too confident for your own good and that comes across as...snobby, I believe the word is and you use girls for pleasure and never give them a second thought. They are people, not play things.”
“I can promise you, I only act confident when I need to. I don’t do it all the time. I’d hate myself if I was snobby. Oh and the using girls thing? I feel really bad when nothing comes from a one night stand or something, as hard as it might be for you to believe.”
Kory rolled her eyes and leaned back into the seat, eyes still lingering on his face. She sighed in a somewhat frustrated manner, “Do you not have a girlfriend to be returning to?” Kory shot,
“I don’t have a girlfriend...” Dick replied, honestly confused,
“Kitten Moth?”
“She is not my girlfriend; she’s just a bit of fun-” Dick stopped talking as soon as he heard what he had said. Kory widened her eyes and looked flabbergasted. She coughed out an unimpressed snort. Dick put his hands up for defence, “No wait...That came out wrong-”
“You are good...Truly, you really are; I am impressed,” Kory stated, clearly disgusted with him,
“No, please...You’re getting me wrong!”
“What does it matter what I think of you, anyway?”

Suddenly, the ride creaked to a stop and their feet brushed the platform. Kory abruptly stood up and brushed down her skirt, “Well, the attraction has stopped. Thank you very much for this ‘talk’, Mister Grayson. It was most enlightening but I am going to go and find my friends-” Kory replied, sighing slightly. She turned to leave but Dick gently took her hand. She snapped her head back in his direction and stared at him with the lightest of blushes painted across her cheeks, “Look...I really am different to how you think I am and I will prove it to you, however long it might take.” He vowed, staring into her emerald eyes. Kory was speechless for the first time that night and just let herself become transfixed on his deep blue eyes. Dick smirked and released her hand, “Will you at least smile? Even a little? Otherwise, I think I’m just gonna cry my snobby little heart out.” He joked, placing his hands across his chest where his heart would be for extra emphasis.

Kory tried her hardest to suppress her lips from quirking upwards but to no avail, she gave in and smiled, throwing in the quietest of giggles. Dick grinned at his triumph, “Oh! By the way, call me Dick or Richard, whichever you prefer.” He shrugged, the smile still etched onto his features.

Kory eyed him carefully for a minute longer, her smile still faintly present on her lips. She nodded slowly before turning her body away but letting her eyes stay focused on his face, “Mm...Goodbye...Richard.” She mumbled, the smile still remaining. He put his hands in his pockets and leaned against the structure of the Ferris wheel, “Bye Kory,” He flashed another frequent grin. Kory started to stroll away from him but a thought occurred to him, “Will I see you around?” He called to her.Please say yes.

Kory swung her body round to look at him, gave no answer but simply smirked shyly and rolled her eyes before turning back around and continuing her search for Rachel and Garfield. Dick gave way to a proud type of chuckle. He smiled to himself, turned and began to take a slow walk back to the others...
Phew! So I finally got this up. As you can see, I've been brushing up with the italics and shizzapple. PLEASE TELL ME...If there are any parts saying: *Add italics* Because that was for when I was writing it up in word and I tried to remove all of them before publishing but all writers can make mistakes so yeah, thanks ehe ^.^

Aw I'm so happy I finally got the first chapter up. I've been wanting to write the start of this for


but things kepts coming up like exams, revision, lack of sleep etc XD I am gonna try to update as MUCH as humanely possible for me. But this weekend, I make no promises for the second chapter because I have to revise for my English exam on Monday. Literature, wooooo -_- Lawra's Mind Voice: God, why are you taking Literature and Language for further study? YOU ARE GOING TO DIE IN THE FIRST WEEK.

Achem, Anyway. So yeah! But. This story is actually inspired by me watching The Notebook over about...200 times? No. I'm serious. Like. I'm not exaggerating. It's on right now as I'm writing this.

So it's about summer love and it's all fluffy like but then again...It's not all fluffy. Pft, come on guys, you know I always throw a little drama into my fanfics :iconpftplz:

I was really surprised with how much coupleness of others I threw in? I tried with BBRae and Cybee in there a little but the most in there couple is actually Flinx (Besides RobStar, obviously XD) Which was really weird! :O

Anyways, I shall update when I can and I really hope you guys are gonna LOVE this fanfiction. Pleaseeeeee gimme' your feedback, thoughts, love, support ~ Anything! :3 I am very welcome to all of it.
Thank you for taking the time to read this first chapter too, much love! :'D :hug::heart:

Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Titans


Teen Titans belongs to Warner Bros, DC Comics and Cartoon Network.

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